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Foxes are generally fearful of people and will try to avoid both adults and children. Occasionally, foxes are a little bolder and will enter gardens in broad daylight when people are about. They may be in search of a quiet place to rest, foraging for food scraps, or are simply being inquisitive. Their boldness is not a sign of aggression - a healthy fox would only attack a person if provoked.

Many people derive tremendous pleasure from watching foxes in their garden. But it is important to remember that foxes are wild animals, which may carry disease, and that you should not try to touch or tame them.

If you choose to feed foxes, you can put out cheese, boiled potatoes, cooked or raw meat, bread, fat scraps and cooked vegetables at dusk. Provide only enough food for one meal - otherwise leftovers may go off and cause sickness or attract unwanted visitors.

The RSPCA has produced a fox factsheet - Living with foxes. Click here to view or click on the link at the bottom of the page.

For more information on foxes please visit The Fox Website.